For 17 years,
Ecosphere International has been dedicated to highlighting the environment, culture, and peoples of the Lake Baikal and Mongolian region through tours, education, and cultural artifacts.

About Us

She was born on a lake in Minnesota, he on a lake in Siberia. Life's journey let them learn about each other's culture — the meaning and feeling of what that means.

It allowed them to visit and work in different places on the planet. They shared the truthful pain and joy of the local people in Siberia and Mongolia. They built up different bridges between peoples and helped to enrich the lives of hundreds of children.

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Do you know that fresh water seals can be found in only one spot on earth? Do you know that you can make ice cream from camel's milk? Want to catch a fish in a mile-deep lake?

How about where to find virgin forests? Do you want to know the power of Cedar trees of Siberia? Ever seen a sunset in the Gobi Desert? Do you have a dream to visit Siberia? Or Mongolia? We provide and can help set up tours.

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Objects can have deep meanings, and can elevate us as human beings to another level. Things that are part of history of primitive cultures can expand your horizons through learning about local people through their primitive art.

We've collected and added to our private collection of unique artifacts for the past 20 years. Own a piece of another culture.

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