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Each nation and every culture treasures the writing, sculptures and drawings which enhances the wisdom of the human race.

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If you walk into the Ger of a Mongolian herder, straight up front of you in an honored place you will see drawings on fabric or silk.  For the herders’ community of Buddhists of Mongolia, Tibet, Kalmyk or Buryat tribes, it is part of the daily spiritual life and they pray for well-being of their children, for good grass for their animals,  for the newborn and for the elders who have gone to another world.  These tongkas are a part of a history long before the written wordwas established and these drawings and symbols lead you to a higher understanding.

Historically these spiritual drawings were done by trained-monks in Monasteries, painted with grounded precious stones and blessed by the Spiritual leader.  The tongkas are used as a guide for people to pray, light candles and elevate themselves to a higher plane by the meanings of the symbols drawn.   Under communism when religious artifacts were prohibited, these tongkas survived World War II, Stalin Repressions and the years of  Khrushchev’s industrialization.

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Unusual mix of culture in the former Soviet Union left limited amount of antiques which can tell a story about the past.  The majority of them ended up in Soviet Museums or the poverty of the people caused many to disappear.  What remains comes from individuals or families.  During the 20 years of our travel, we have collected these antiques – some were purchased on the streets or flea markets and some were given as gifts.

In different villages on our path, we worked together with different artists.  During the Gorbachev’s Peristroika,  the artist’s real ingenuity shown up in their carvings from wood.  For many families this was the only source of money or barter because at that time the food rations could be obtained only by special coupons.

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Our deep appreciation of paintings gave us the opportunity to meet different artists from Russia, Mongolia and China.  This eclectic mix highlights different aspects of style, imagination and feelings from each region.