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Unusual mix of culture in the former Soviet Union left limited amount of antiques which can tell a story about the past. The majority of them ended up in Soviet Museums or the poverty of the people caused many to disappear. What remains comes from individuals or families. During the 20 years of our travel, we have collected these antiques — some were purchased on the streets or flea markets and some were given as gifts.

In different villages on our path, we worked together with different artists. During the Gorbachev's Peristroika, the artist's real ingenuity shown up in their carvings from wood. For many families this was the only source of money or barter because at that time the food rations could be obtained only by special coupons.

Uzbekistan Rug

100% wool handmade rug from Uzbekistan – purchased in Russia.

Price: $2500
Size: 9,5' x 6.7'

Copper Buddhist Urn

A copper handcrafted and hammered by Mongolian artist.  Used in the 19th. century for ceremonial blessings in Buddhist Temples.

Size: 4.5" tall by 7" wide

Russian Icon

Antique Russian Orthodox Icon casted in bronze with blue enamel.  The image of St. Afphon with arcaic cyrillic alphabet is written on front.

Size: 4.5"x4"

Buddhist Prayer Wheel

Antique Buddhist Prayer Wheel from early 20th. Century found in the Republic of Buryatia, Russia.  Handmade with Buddhist symbols.  Inside are original prayers on paper.

Size: 3.75" tall

Buddhist Guu Prayer Box

Antique copper Buddhist Guu Box with clay Buddha figure and prayers inside.  Handcrafted symbol on front of box signifies knowledge.

Price: $100
Size: 2.5" tall x 3.5" wide

Russian Tin Candy Box

Antique Russian Tin Candy Box made in 1920 during the short time when Russian capitalism flourished.  It has the the double eagle symbol of the Comradery Eihem Candy Factory in Moscow.

Price: $150
Size: 10" tall

Buddhist Holy Water Urns

Authentic 19th. Century copper Buddhist holy water urns with Buddhist designs from the Republic of Buryatia, Russia, the Center of Buddhism in Russia.

Price: $Small: $100; Large: $200
Size: Small - 4" tall; Large - 6.5" tall

Buddhist Snow Lion Statue

Authentic 19th. Century handcarved and painted wooden Snow Lion saved from the Buddhist Temples in the Republic of Buryatia which were being destroyed during the Stalin Repression era of the 30′s.

Price: $1000
Size: 4" tall

Silver Buddhist Prayer Box

Early 19th. century handcraved silver Buddha Prayer Box housing old ceramic Merde protector, Mahakala, and prayers.

Price: $$1500
Size: 4" tall

Buryiat Tribal Chest

Antique chest made from Siberian Cedar Tree with primitive dove tail techique with wooden pegs used by Buryat tribes for storage in yurtas and packed up to travel as they followed the herds.  Early 19th. century hand-painted original chests

Price: $$1500
Size: L-23.5"; W - 76"; H-12"

Buryiat Tribal Chest

Authentic early 19th. Century Buryiat Tribal hand-painted chest made from the Siberian Cedar tree with primitive dovetail technique and wooden pegs.  From the Republic of Buryatia, Russia.  Used in the yurtas for storaged and packed up when following the herds around the steppes surrounding Lake Baikal

Price: $$2000
Size: L-30.5"; W-70.75"; H-12.75"

Buddhist Monk Stool

From 1800′s – authentic Buddhist Monk stool saved from the Buddhist temples around the Lake Baikal area which were being destroyed during the Stalin Repression Era of the 30′s.

Price: $300
Size: 9" tall

Green Tara Antique Statue

Green Tara – Authentic Buddhist statue from the Buddhist temples of the Republic of Buryatia, Russia.  This statue was hidden away by Buddhists during the Stalin Repression of the 30′s to keep it from being destroyed.  Bottom is sealed with authentic prayers.

Price: $5000
Size: 15" tall

Buddha Head – antique

Authentic 1800′s Buddhist Head saved from Buddhist temples during the Stalin Repression Era of the 30′s from destruction in the Republic of Buryatia, Russia, which is the Center for Buddhism for Russian Federation.

Price: $5000
Size: 1.5' tall