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Our deep appreciation of paintings gave us the opportunity to meet different artists from Russia, Mongolia and China. This eclectic mix highlights different aspects of style, imagination and feelings from each region.

Three Women

Oil on Convas painting by Mongolian artist.

Price: $$1200
Size: 30"x40 tall

Lake Baikal Landscape

Oil on convas painted by Buryat Artist, honored member of the Russian Artist Society.  2002

Price: $$800
Size: 32"x26

Lake Baikal Village Goryachinks in Winter

Oil Painting on canvas of the Village Goryachinks Hot Springs Resort on Lake Baikal in winter.  Artist Valdimer Arkhitov is an Honored Member of the Russian Society of Artists.  2003

Price: $1000
Size: 30" x 20 high

Chinese Watercolor of Birds

Chinese Watercolor of bluebirds on fine rice paper.  Done by a well-known artists in his field.  Mounted beautifully in a wood bamboo-style gold frame

Price: $2250
Size: 38"x41"

Fine Chinese Watercolor on Rice Paper

Chinese watercolor done on a fine rice paper and mounted in beautiful gold bamboo wood frame.

Price: $$2250
Size: 38" x 41"

Russian Vase

Russian porcelain vase – Catherine the Great’s favorite pattern made by the famous Lomonos0ff China Factory in St. Petersburg.

Price: $50
Size: 6.5 ' tall

Russian Rug

A Russian wool rug with roses worked in on each end.

Price: $500
Size: 8' by 2.5' wide

Shaman Dancing

Oil on Canvas painting of a Shaman in full regalia done by the Mongolian artist, Jimbieva.

Size: 3.5' x 4.5' tall

Mongolian Boy

Oil on Canvas painted in 2002 by a Mongolian artist of a northern tribal Mongolian boy.

Price: $1000
Size: 41" x 25.5"

Carved Siberian Yak

“Survivor” – Handcarved yak from a Russian Birch Burl.  Siberian artist is unknown

Price: $150
Size: 6" long by 3.5" tall

“Fight for Life” Wooden Moose Statue

Moose and wolves statue hand-carved by Siberian artist, Yuri Carpenko, from Siberian Cedar tree.

Price: $350
Size: 8" tall by 12" long

Sitting Buddha Statue

A sitting Buddha statue from Mongolia with the prayers still in tact underneath

Price: $100
Size: 13.5" tall

Chariot Siberian Bear Statue

Siberian Bear – made from a solid chunk of the gemstone, Chariot – only found and mined by the Charo River in the Siberian region of Russia.  The vein is becoming depleted so Chariot is becoming more valuable.

Price: $$750
Size: 4" x 6.5"

Chariot Gemstone Box

Chariot gemstone small box.  Chariot is only found in the Chara River in Siberian region of Russia.

Price: $$75
Size: 2.5" x 2.25"

Mikhail Chemaikin – Double Protrait of Nizensky

Signed Lithograph done in 1987, after Russian-born dissident, Chemaikin, escaped out of Russia.   The essence of the painting has written Russian language written by Chemaikin in old Russian alphabet.  Beautifully framed.

Price: $$3500
Size: Framed: 32"x41.4"; unframed: 28"x38"

Mihkail Chemiakin Print – Still Life

Mikhail Chemiakin, famous Russian dissident painter, who escaped via the Caucases in the 60′s and now resides in New York.  A print of a mixed media.  Originated roughly between 1975-81.  Beautifully framed.

Price: $$2000
Size: framed: 33"x25"; unframed: 26"x18"

Buddhist Ceremonial Dance

#5/15 Lithograph of Ink drawing done by artist, Rimma Gimbieva, from the Republic of Buryatia in 1997.

Size: 24"x27"

Mermaids in Banya

done by Buryat artist, U.K., in 2002 from the Republic of Buryatia, Russia.

Size: 22.5"x22.5"

A Chair and a Monkey

Oil on Canvas done by a distinquished member of the Russian Artists Society of the Republic of Buryatia, Marguerita Metelkina on 8/28/1987

Price: $$2000
Size: 57"x44"

St. Bernard Dog – Oil Painting

Oil Painting by well-known Georgian artist, Eva Kudokashvele, who emigrated to Austria in the 90′s.

Price: $2000
Size: 1.5' x 1.5'


Unique oil by Ludmilla Paritskya, former  member of the Distinquished Russian Artists Union.  Living in Orel, Russia.  Designs and paints each frame for the specific painting.

Price: $250

Russian Dacha – oil painting

Contemporary artist, Natalie Somova, 1988, Moscow.  Wife of playwright, Shas Somov.

Price: $200
Size: 1.5' x 1'

Girl with Artist -oil painting

Contemporary Moscow Artist, V. Tulunova, 1989.   One of many young artists allowed to sell in new galleries after Perestroika.

Price: $400
Size: 2.5' x 2'

Three Sisters – Oil Painting

Georgian-born artist, Eva Kudoschvele,  studied art at the Repin Art Institute in Moscow.  Has had several shows in Europe and emigrated to Austria in the 90′s.

Price: $1500
Size: 2.5' x 2.5'