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Russia: Week One

Posted Monday, March 8th, 2010 at 1:58 pm | 3 Comments

It’s a new year – first time in Russia – new experiences:

Here we are in Russia again. Moscow welcomed us with the new possibility of not staying in a hotel but renting a VIP apartment. After one night in a hotel we moved into a short-term apartment lease for 2 weeks. Our apartment looks over the Kremlin and an island of the Moscow River which has a grove trees. We look at these lovely and very tall trees everyday:


This is a caption.

Our dear Alexandra came for a visit and while walking with Andrei from the metro – she saw the grove of trees and said this was a place close to her heart – because as a young and aspiring actress-student at the Moscow Theatrical Institute – she and her classmates provided “free labor” (Subbotnick). Resentfully digging holes in swampy waters along the Moscow River they planted maples and oaks. But she is now pleased as something beautiful grew out of her labor.

It shows that out of something which is resented or not pleasing – something good and beautiful can grow!

We have had a new shock – once again in Moscow as we shop. Food prices are ridiculously high: $10-20 per loaf of Artisan Bread!! But these are Gourmet Grocery Stores with many wonderfully expensive foriegn products.

It’s the price you pay to look at the Kremlin out your window!

Art & Antique Expo


One day during our long walks in the area we stumbled onto an Expo of Antiques and Art in the famous Dome Khudozhnicka (House of Painters). It was once our favorite haunt to purchase art by unknown artists at very reasonable prices but now these unknown artists have become mature and their works were expensively shown in Boutique Booth Galleries. In the end of our excursion, I came to the conclusion that I liked only 3 paintings by modern artists. The bright blue flowers was offered to me for $40,000, another village painting for $25,000 and, lastly, an outdoor table with apples in yard for $4000! The irony was that this lovely and peaceful work of art was done by an artist who told us he specializes in paintings of Gulags!

I’ll have to wait for Mongolia – hopefully inflation hasn’t hit there!

One week later, we now congratulate to all our dear women friends on the March 8th. Women’s Day and hope they know how wonderful and important they are! In the whole world it was a great holiday – banks were closed, offices shut down and it was a heavenly day for the flower shops and venders – over $5 per rose!


3 Comments on “Russia: Week One”

  1. Julie on March 9, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Beautiful! Still snowing? Alexandra looks wonderful. Timeless. Please send “Privyet” and hugs to her from the Hoffman family.

  2. Kim on March 15, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    I second a great big hug to Alexandra!! You look gorgeous Honey!!! Just logged on- You will be on my daily watch now!! Be safe-Love,Kim

  3. JAMIE on March 16, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    Dittos on the big hugs for Alexandra. I like the pictures on website. Who is the young man with Diane on the home page? I envy the hair.

    Hope everyone is safe and well