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Siberian Eco-Tourist Tours

Tours specifically designed around you that will take your insatiable passion for travel and transfer that energy in order to make a difference in your life. Diverse expeditions that will also touch other lives as well. We specialize in Expeditions to the Lake Baikal Region of Russia and the steppes and mountains of Mongolia.  We also help to organize side trips to Moscow,  St. Petersberg or other destinations of interest within these countries.

We offer three main types of tours:

Eco Tours / Ecological Tourism

Somewhere deep inside each of us there is a concern for the earth’s environment and a curiosity to learn. Russia has gone through rapid and dramatic changes over the past 25 years. It is our goal to give each person who travels with us a better understanding of the Russia and native peoples: their culture, economy, history and their souls. You will experience how dramatic changes have or not have affected individual lives and life-styles and how they are drawing upon their recent and ancient history to maintain a new balance.

We specialize in unique area of Siberia called Buryatia – the richly romantic home of the world’s largest fresh water lake – Sacred Baikal. The region is the land of Ghenghis Khan, the Huns, and the Evenks prior to the Buryiats and the exiled Russian intelligentsia. Here Shamanism, Buddhism and Orthodoxy practice side by side and work to deepen the well-preserved and respected traditions of each other. Traditions that the Buryats, the Evinks and the Mongols will share with you through their eyes.

The Baikal Watershed encompasses 2 countries – Russia and Mongolia. 336 rivers feed the world’s largest fresh water lake, Sacred Baikal, which makes up for over 20% of the world’s fresh water. It is surrounded by three mountain ranges, deep forests and thousands of acres of national reserves.   It is the home to over 2200 unique fern and fauna, including the famous Barguzin sable, the brown beer, the Kabarga and Argale antelope and the Nerpa, the world’s only fresh water seal. This lake which is as deep as the Grand Canyon (over one mile) gives rise to practical questions of how to preserve its’ pristine waters and to share this abundance with areas that fall short of an adequate drinking supply. Scientists are learning how to sustain and protect this river ecosystem which also connects Baikal to Mongolia’s largest lake, Hoopsagol.

This fascination of the 25 million year old ecosystem has caused many to put this area high on their travel list to visit.   By now, you have probably gone to Google Earth and want to know more about the people living around the area and who we are trusting with this treasure.

Everyone has different interests and to travel to Siberia you can go through other areas of Russia and Mongolia.  Your interest may be to visit Russia’s Cultural Capital, St. Petersberg, the bustling city of Moscow or to travel further south to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaan Bataar and the cool sands of the Gobi Desert.  These side trips can easily fit into a 14-17 day expedition.

If you have a curious mind and a heart that wants to see and protect this ecosystem, we invite you to contact/email us in order to begin the experience of a one-of-kind trip. Because this is our Motherland, we can create a trip where your needs are met, the costs are kept low and all challenges are overcome.

Pilgrimage to the Source Homeland Tours

Every human tries to find a path to their life’s circle and often something guides them back to the place where their journey began – home.

In the Buryat and Mongolian language this sacred place is called “Tounto” which means where the invisible umbilical cord is buried.   It is where the connection is to your roots which supplies your life’s energy.

Families willing to share this trip with their adopted children can count that Ecosphere will provide them with all necessary arrangements, meetings and regions of the child’s birthplace.

Each child has a different reason to connect to their birthplace. For Lucus Wegehaupt this was demonstrated in his desire to “help his people” and he raised $6000 for the orphans of Buryatia through his skills at swimming competitions.

With the understanding that it is not just a tourist trip but a journey home, we work to keep costs low and to design a trip so the whole family/friends can partake.

Professional Advancement and Discovery Tours

In our ever changing economy we are constantly seeking for the skills and enhancements of what we do professionally in order to make a satisfying living but to also make a difference.  Sometimes observations from a different angle and seeing objects from another perspective – can help us in our own personal discovery.   If you want to have a discussion with a colleague at the Liminology Institute about the health of Lake Baikal, or hold a meeting with scientists about the loss of the Siberian Taiga (forest), or collaborate with artists on a new work or investigate the current trends in the traditional or non-traditional medicine fields – than Ecosphere can develop such a trip. Your enrichment can come in many forms and if you can share with your colleagues/students back home these experiences; everyone is empowered to be more proactive.  Our experience in working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Forest owners of Wisconsin,  and the medical personnel with Sacred Heart/St. Mary’s Hospital will help to make your experience richer than you thought possible.